Oniric Alchemy

Oniric Alchemy

“Oniric Alchemy“ Exhibition


I am eager to announce my new exhibition in Bucharest, named Oniric Alchemy. The exhibition starts with the vernissage at the Art Yourself Gallery on 12th November 2019 and can be seen until 06.12.2019. The Bucharest exhibition contains 12 graphic artworks, made through mixed technics of ink, acrylic and oil on paper, paired with digital illustrations printed on canvas.

The treated themes are diverse, predominant about the aspects of the human existence and human condition, the relationship between symbols and metaphor, manifesting themselves in frames with oniric fingerprints, hallucinated, in a personal manner.

The compositions present themselves as scenes from a movie of the sub consciousness, that doesn’t surprise momentariness of the consciousness, but rather the fragmented process of the imagination of some mental constructions, paired with generous merge of relativity in the definite space, waiting for a link to awareness.

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